Chem. VI/Organic Chemistry Notes Vol. 2

Scope and Content

The front cover is labelled 'Organic Chemistry' and the title given on the first page is 'Chem. VI'. A note in the front of the volume indicates that it was begun in November 1915 but there are no further attempts to either date or number individual lectures. These notes would have formed part of Wilkinson's studies for his B.Sc. in chemistry. This is volume 2 of 2 and carries on where Vol.1 (JFW/1/5) left off.

In brief, the lectures deal with alkyl esters of sulphuric acid, sulphonic acids, ketones and aldehydes, paraffins, stable and unstable forms of organic compounds, unsaturated hydrocarbons, aromatic compounds, and phenol esters. There are some loose notes in the rear of the volume on Grignard's reagents.