File: Hungary

Scope and Content

S Demonstrations

S Electoral Reform

S Franchise Bills

S Suffrage Bills

S Woman Suffrage

W Biography 

  • Rosika Schwimmer, [2nd Corresponding Secretary of the I.W.S.A.] and Hungarian Minister Plenipotentiary at Berne [Switzerland], 1918

W Government Appointments

W Women's Movement.

There is a report of a 1917 strike, during which even munition factories closed, as part of a franchise demonstration, and there are articles relating to the extension of the franchise to include additional men and selective categories of women (war widows, women passing examinations and women running businesses). There is an article, by Rosika Schwimmer, on the history of women's position in Hungary.

Language: includes 1 piece in Hungarian and 2 pieces in German.

Related Material

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