File: I Welfare Work and Women's Work After the War

Scope and Content

Welfare Work 

  • Great Britain

Women's Work After the War 

  • France
  • Germany
  • Great Britain
  • U.S.A.

The Welfare Work cuttings relate to: the health and safety of the working environment; the especial need to protect women, as actual or potential mothers, within that environment; child welfare; and the beginning of welfare work as a profession.

The Women's Work After the War cuttings speculate on the future role of women once the war is over. Opinions expressed range from the idea that "all their gentleness, their womanliness, must return when their sons come back from the war" to a prediction that the role played by women in the war will produce lasting changes in industrial, commercial and professional life, thus fundamentally changing the position of women within society.

The first piece in the file is dated 1912 but this is almost certainly an error on the part of the secretary. The I.W.S.A. Information Bureau was not established until the following yearand the cutting refers to 1912 as if in the past tense.

Language: includes 2 pieces in German.

For Women's Work After the War see file IWSA/3/67. There is some overlap between the 2 files, but on the whole this file contains speculative articles from the period 1915-1918 whilst file IWSA/3/67 has reports based on actual experience during the first months after the war.