I.W.S.A. Headquarters Correspondence Files

Scope and Content

The correspondence files, which are arranged in alphabetical order, relate mostly to the period 1918-1920. The correspondence represents transactions of the I.W.S.A. The subjects range from purely operational matters such as the processing of subscriptions to Jus Suffragii and the purchase of office equipment to, in the case of correspondence with membersof the Board of Officers, the formulation of Alliance policy.

The amount of correspondence varies from single letter to an extended interchange of thoughts and ideas and the subjects addressed range from invitations to tea and quick enquiries to formulating a feminist programme.

Language: throughout the files there are a few pieces in French, German and shorthand.


The internal arrangement of the correspondence files is usually by alphabetical order of the correspondent's name, except where the file contains correspondence with a sole person or organistaion in which case the arrangement is approximately chronological. It should be noted that sometimes the correspondent is taken to be the organisation and is at other times taken to be the signatory.

The descriptions below indicate major series of correspondence, notable correspondents or subjects which may be of particular interest, and corresponding organisations are usually mentioned except where they are simply subscribing to Jus Suffragii. The list is not a comprehensive guide to the correspondents involved and the absence of a name in the description does not mean there is no correspondence, although it may indicate that it is not of apparent research interest. Equally, the existence of a name in a description should not betaken to mean that their correspondence is long or dynamic, although in some cases it may be.

The original position of files IWSA/2/37 and IWSA/2/38 in the series is uncertain. They may perhaps belong to Class 1 although they were found with files from Class 2.