File: B Population

Scope and Content






Great Britain


Includes birth and death statistics and the balance between them, especially in time of war.

The cutting relating to Australia suggests a state home for mothers of illegitimate children to give birth "without one relation or friend ever being the wiser" in order that the State can "regard every prospective mother as a valuable asset to the State".

The cuttings relating to Germany include an article in the Umpire quoting the Berlin Post on the need to achieve a race made up of "the purist Ario-Germanicelements" and to avoid interbreeding with "the low-class human breeds that people the lands of our enemies" and an article suggesting that mothers are taking greater care with girl babies now that their future can include "good openings" in the labour and commercial markets.

The cuttings relating to Britain include a perceived need for the British Empire to increase its white population. There is some discussion of the validity of Malthusian doctrines.

Language: includes 2 pieces in German.


There is some overlap of subject matter with file IWSA/3/11.