File: W Women's Movement

Scope and Content



Great Britain




The final piece in the file is classified as W Women Travellers and relates to Great Britain.

Language: includes 2 pieces in French.


The cuttings which are not classified by country include reviews of Feminism in Germany and Scandinavia byKatherine Anthony, articles which would apparently be more appropriately placed in file IWSA/3/167; their presence in this file does, however appear to be original. According to the I.W.S.A. indexing rules the cuttings should have been filed by country: cuttings for France in file IWSA/3/38; cuttings for Great Britain in file IWSA/3/65; and cuttings for India in file IWSA/3/105. Their presence in this file is, however, apparently original. There are no country files for Luxembourg and Mesopotamia.