File: Great Britain W

Scope and Content


The file consists of news cuttings relating to the Women's Co-operative Guild and other matters. Most of the cuttings are taken from `The Women's Corner' of The Co-operative News.The set of `Women's Corner' pages is pretty comprehensive for the period April 1917 to June 1918.

The cuttings include reports on: food shortages, rationing and co-operative food kitchens; women's suffrage; creches; income tax; education; welfare work; trade unions; moral and socialhygiene; alien women; Guild activities, including their Congress at Torquay in 1917 and women's role in the Co-operative Congress at Liverpool in 1918; the Bill for Establishing a Ministry ofHealth; municipal elections and women's role in them; female co-operative employees; registration for the new Parliamentary register in 1918; maternity and child welfare; and "the co-operative woman voter".