League of Nations 1

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- Correspondence relating to regulated prostitution in mandatory areas and conventions for the suppression of the traffic in women and children - resolutions asking the League of Nations to consider the exclusion of foreign women from brothels - concerning repatriation of women under the conventions on traffic in women and children - concerning a resolution proposed by a Cuban delegate at the Fourth Assembly that young women travelling alone should have references to prove good character (1924) - concerning a questionnaire of the Advisory Committee to the League of Nations on the Traffic in Women relating to why England abolished regulation and what were the results - relating to the traffic in women in the Far East (1933) and report by Alison Neilans on traffic in women within the British Empire

- resolutions of International conference on traffic in women and children at Geneva, Jul 1921

- carbon copy minutes of the special meeting of the National Council of Women (15 Jun 1923)

- list of members of the different committees of the social sections of the League of Nations

- Minutes of the Sub-committee of Association for Moral and Social Hygiene to draft a letter to 'The Times' on traffic in women in the East (1933)

- Report of the second conference called by the British National Committee for the Suppression of Traffic in Women and Children (22 May 1933), report of the Berlin Congress (1933), typescript from 'The Shield' (Mar / Apr 1924)


- 'French public opinion and the traffic in women', 'Women's International League' monthly newssheet, volume 21, number 1, Jan 1930

- pamphlet 'League of Nations Diplomatic Conference concerning the suppression of the traffic in women of full age' Oct 1933

- leaflet 'Traffic in women: draft protocol on the removal of the age limit. Note issued by the British Social Hygiene Council' (manuscript notes)

For following publications consult The Women's Library printed collections catalogue:

- pamphlet 'The Suppression of the White Slave Traffic Historical Sketch of the English Section of the Movement' by Maurice Gregory, Geneva Congress in 1908, London: Friends' Association for Abolishing State Regulation of Vice, 1908 (ref 305.420941 JOS)

- pamphlet 'La traite des femmes devant la Societe des Nations. La Prostitution reglementee condamnee par l'hygiene le droit la morale' (1930) (ref 364.15340944 TRA)

- 'The Vigilance Record', no 2, Feb 1921 (periodicals)

Press cuttings on traffic in women:

- 'What is the truth of the White Slave Traffic? Some 'facts' from America. Stories which lack confirmation' by Alexander M Thompson, 'South Wales Argus,' dated 1 Oct 1932

- 'Is Yoshiwara a national shame?', 'The Osaka Mainichi and The Tokyo Nichi Nichi', dated 14 Oct 1928

- letters to the editor by Alison Neilans on 'Traffic in women' from 'The Guardian' and 'Headway' dated Mar 1933 and 28 Apr 1933