International Women

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- Minutes of the Liaison Committee of Women's International Organisations (1952-1959)

- List of speakers for the International Women's Year with programme of seminar

- Correspondence with St Joan's International Alliance mainly about arranging a speaker for conference in 1976


- pamphlet 'The Liaison Committee of Women's International Organisations. An Experiment in Co-Operation 1925-1954'

- leaflet 'International Council of Women Newsletter' (Jun 1978) with report of the International Council Women Executive Committee meeting in Oslo

- pamphlet 'International Women's News International Women's Year 1975'

- leaflet 'International Women's Year 1975 United Kingdom Newsletter' (Jan 1975)

- National Council of Social Service News (Apr 1956, Dec 1964-Jan 1965)

- pamphlet and photocopy leaflet newsletters of St Joan's International Alliance (1979, 1980)

- pamphlet 'The Catholic Citizen' Journal of St Joan's International Alliance with press cutting from 'The Times' (29 Jan 1981) entitled 'Soho sex establishments proliferate despite promises'

Press cutting: 'Women from five continents - meet in London' from 'Westminster Gazette' 27 Apr 1929