League of Nations 2

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- Annual reports for 1933 from the International Catholic Girls' Protection Society, International Union of Catholic Women's Associations, Women's International Organisations, International Bureau for the Suppression of Traffic in Women and Children, Jewish Association for the Protection of Girls, Women and Children, International Federation for the Protection of Girls (1934)

- Report by Mrs Neville-Rolfe on the effects of closing brothels in certain sea-port towns and Crown colonies (1934)

- Reports of meetings of the League of Nations Information Section on the abolition of licensed houses and on the enquiry into the traffic in women and children in the Far East (Apr 1934)

- summary of the work of the Advisory commission for the protection and welfare of Children and Young People (13th session 1934)

- resolutions adopted by the Traffic in Women and Children Committee (Apr 1934)

- Memorandum by Karol Pindor on the position of Eastern countries under the aegis of the League of Nations (1934) and correspondence concerning traffic of women in Hong Kong

- Questionnaire on measures of rehabilitation with replies (1935)

- Correspondence and papers concerning the reorganisation of the advisory commission of the League of Nations (1936)

- Correspondence concerning the Pan-Pacific Women's Association Fourth Conference in 1937

- Enquiries about Abolitionist and Regulationist countries

- Draft articles to be inserted in the Peace Treaty (1943)

- Extracts from annual reports (1942-1944) Advisory Committee on Social Questions


- 'Traffic in Women. Official and non-official co-operative action in combating the traffic in the East. Report of a Conference of British and International Representatives' (1934)

- leaflet 'Traffic in Women and children' by Association of Moral and Social Hygiene (1934)

- leaflet resolutions from the 12th Congress of the International Alliance of Women for Suffrage and Equal Citizenship at Istanbul (1935)

- pamphlet 'Advisory Commission for the Protection and Welfare of Children and Young People. Report to the Council on the Reorganisation of the Advisory Commission', League of Nations, 17 Apr 1936 (manuscript notes)

- pamphlet 'Resolutions adopted by the Tenth International Congress for the Suppression of Traffic in Women and Children' (1937)

- leaflet 'The Shield Supplement' (Oct 1944) (consult The Women's Library printed collections catalogue for copy)

Press cuttings:

- 'Girls driven on streets by unemployment' from 'News Chronicle' dated 5 Apr 1934

- 'Unemployment and prostitution' from 'The Times' dated 5 Apr 1934