League of Nations' Draft Protocol regarding the suppression of Traffic in Women

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- Correspondence discussing the Draft Protocol

- Reports of the League of Nations Information Section Fifth Commission discussion of Traffic in Women and Children (Oct 1933)

- Typed rough notes by GH Saunders on Fifth Commission Traffic in Women Discussion on Protocol (Oct 1933)

- Notes on the Convention on International Traffic in Women of Full Age signed at Geneva in 1933

- report of the International Bureau for Submission to the 1934 Session of the Advisory Committee of the League of Nations

- Resolutions passed at the Ninth International Congress for the Suppression of Traffic in Women and Children held at Berlin

- typed article 'Chronicle of the League of Nations' (Dec 1933)


- leaflet 'Traffic in women: draft protocol on the removal of the age limit. Note issued by the British Social Hygiene Council'

- leaflet 'Some objections to the immediate signing by the British Government of the Draft Protocol on Traffic in Women of Full Age', Association for Moral and Social Hygiene, Jul 1933 (consult The Women's Library printed collections catalogue for copy ref 345.02534 SOM)