Articles of Agreement

Scope and Content

(i) William Foulkes of Gorse, co. Flint, gent.

(ii) Theodore Foulkes of Gorse, yeoman, only son of (i).

(iii) Edward Owens of Saint Asaph, co. Flint, verger.

(iv) Margaret Owen of Saint Asaph, spinster, daughter of (iii).

1. (ii) and (iv) to be married.

2. (i) to resign to (ii) his tenure of Grose Tenement, and all his stock and personal estate, saving enough for (i) and Catherine, his wife, to live on.

3. (iii) promises to pay (i) and his wife £3 yearly for life, and lease them a tenement.

4. (iii) promises to pay £10 to (ii) and to grant to (ii) after his own death and that of his wife, 2 messuages with appurtenances in Saint Asaph.

5. (ii) gives to (iv) moiety of his estate, in case he should die before her.

Dorse: List of debts of Edward Owen on his death March 1762, amounting to £121.11s.0d.


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