Marriage Settlement

Scope and Content

(i) The Rt. Hon. Lady Harriot Margaret Scott one of the daughters of the Rt. Hon. Thomas Earl of Glonmell and Viscount Glonmel and Baron Earlfort in Ireland.

(ii) Edward Mostyn Lloyd of Pengwern, co. Flint, esq.

(iii) Vernon Smith of Lincolns Inn, co. Middlesex, esq., and John Coles of Woodcote, co. Salop, esq.

In consideration of the intended marriage of (i) and (ii), (ii) assigns to (iii) £3,750 in trust for (i) and after his decease for herself and their issue.

Endorsed: Appointment of new trustees.

The Hon. Roger Mostyn of Mostyn, co. Flint, late a Colonel in the Army, and the Hon. and Rev. Hugh Wynne Lloyd Mostyn of Buckworth, co. Huntingdon, clerk.


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