Marriage Settlement

Scope and Content

(i) Thomas Jones of Mertyn Uwchglan, gent.

(ii) John Pennant of Mertyn Uwchglan, gent., Thomas Lloyd of Wickwer, co. Denbigh, gent.

(iii) William Vaughan of Bronhylog [Bronheulog], co. Denbigh, esq., Thomas Pennant of Downing, gent.

(iv) Rev. Roger Jones of Llysvaine [Llysfaen], co. Caernarvon.

Marriage already solemnised between (i) and Jane, daughter of (iv) and in consideration of £250 paid as marriage portion.

Agreement by (i) to levy a fine at Flintshire Great Sessions to (ii) on Kelyn capital messuage, Y Wayn capital messuage and property in Mertyn Uwchglan.

(ii) to become Tenants of the Freehold for Recovery to be levied at same Session.

Recovery to be levied by (iii), vouchee: Thomas Jones.

(iii) to stand seized to uses declared in deed.


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