Marriage Settlement

Scope and Content

(i) Sir Roger Mostyn of Mostyn, co. Flint, Knight, and Dame Mary, his wife, and Thomas Mostyn, esq., his son and heir apparent.

(ii) Sir James Whitelocke, Knight, Chief Justice of Chester.

(iii) Sir Humfrey May, Knight, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Sir John Wynn of Gwydyr, co. Caernarvon, Knight and Baronet, Henry Bulstrode of Hedgeley Bulstrodes, co. Buckingham, esq., Humfrey Dimock of Willington, co. Flint, esq., Peter Pennant of Bightan, co. Flint. gent.

(i) convey to (iii) all their estates in cos. Flint, Denbigh, Caernarvon, Anglesey and Chester upon trusts (specified).

Consideration: intended marriage of Thomas Mostyn and Elizabeth, one of the daughters of (ii) and her portion of £2,500.


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