Josephine Butler to Miss Forsaith

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Photocopy of an incomplete letter. Written from [Wooler, Northumberland]

She is now learning from God something she had not learned while she was in the thick of the strife. She sees great changes, rapid movements, gigantic events shaking the old world. Take for instance, Maurice Gregory who thinks he can conquer Germany 'to our principles' and then go on to do the same in Russia. But he forgets that though he is sowing the fine Federation principles, he is leaving out of account the soil. 'In Germany and Russia the soil is so unfit to receive good seed, that the Divine Husbandman, who knows that, is about to put forth his hand...Events are approaching which may startle us, may discourage some Abolitionists, unless they take a wider view...We need not, must not, cease from sowing the seed or our principles but we shall be fatally blind if we ignore the great changes, revolutions and judgments which are is not well to go on smiling in an optimist spirit as dear Gregory does, and overlooking the inevitable involvement of our cause with other great movements...She would like the letter sent on to Mr Stuart.

Administrative / Biographical History

'He [Mr Wilson] said we can expect nothing from the present Government but we expect to do something in the Liberal Govt'

The Tories had 10 years of office from 1895 to 1905. Finally in Dec 1905 the Liberals were returned and a Government formed under Campbell-Bannerman

'Mr Wilson in his able speech at Dresden'

This was the Federation Conference held that year at Dresden 22-24 Sep

Biog: Maurice Gregory, Mr HJ Wilson