Josephine Butler to 'Beloved Friends' [Miss Forsaith and Harriet]

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Photocopy of incomplete letter. Written from [Wooler, Northumberland]

She has had a long letter from Mme. Pieczynska; it is the same story everywhere...all the best people over worked. About Henry J Wilson, 'his tendency to think that 'those foreigners' need out teaching brings our British Committee into a little disrepute with these clear thinking and not unintelligent 'foreigners'' Gives a short account of some of the results of the Welsh Revival [see note] asks them to look up reference for her in the 'Shield' needed for an article she has been asked to do for the next year's Jubilee [at Neuchatel], Sep 1905.

Administrative / Biographical History

7-8 Dec 1904

'The accounts of the Welsh Revival are wonderful' JB's letters for the next year bear witness to this appraisal of what was to her a real Pentecost. See general account of this Revival and a list of references to it in her letter

JB was very moved and interested in this Revival, which she calls a 'Pentecostal visitation', very different as she said from the various Revivals which had swept England in the past few years heralded by 'much advertisement, noise and expense'. She received first hand accounts from many friends and these convinced her that 'it is Pentecost continued, beyond the shadow of a doubt'. She had great hopes that it would spread to England and Scotland. But it did not. Mr J C Pollock in his book 'The Keswick Story' says: 'The Welsh revival subsided, Ince all revivals since the days following Pentecost, leaving a clear mark on Wales and its people. England did not blaze' (p.129)

Reference to it occur in many letters for 1905: See: 7, 15 Dec 1904; 3, 11, 20, 26 Jan 1905; 8, 16 Feb 1905; 3 Mar 1905

Biog: Mme Pieczynska, HJ Wilson