Josephine Butler to 'Dear Friend' [Miss Forsaith]

Scope and Content

Photocopy of letter. No address

She has had a bad bout of pain since she last wrote. Her son George is beginning to realise she may not last through another winter. The cold there is terrible; her sight is failing. Her great wish is to get the Diary which she wrote during the last weeks of her husband's life copied for her to have when she dies. Would her friend advise or find for her a suitable typist for the task.

Administrative / Biographical History

5 Apr [1904]

'Une voix dans le Desert' Paris and Neuchatel, Sandoz 1875. This brochure was a collection of her first addresses on the Continent spoken in French and then collected and never translated into English, though rapidly translated into many languages

'Diary which I wrote of the last weeks of my beloved husband's life' In the autumn of 1889 the doctor at Winchester advised that the Canon should be taken south to avoid the English winter. They went to a house belonging to the Meuricoffres near Naples. But George contacted influenza and when he had rallied they began a slow journey home where he longed to be. They reached London in Mar 1890 but he died in a hotel before they could get him home. The Diary covers the via dolorosa from Naples to London

In a letter of 9 Apr she thanks Miss Forsaith for her arrangements and gives a few more directions

A 4th letter of 24 Jun to Miss Forsaith expresses the same wish and the same request: does she know of a typist who would make 3 copies for her 3rd letter of 28 May

18 Jun 1904 further details about diary