Lectures on the Practice of Physic Part 2

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  • Reference
      GB 133 MMM/2/3/1/2
  • Dates of Creation
      Oct 1783-Feb 1784
  • Physical Description
      1 volume, 394 folios New binding, 1968

Scope and Content

Each new lecture is clearly numbered but they are not individually dated, there is no pagination, and the writing is on the recto of each page only apart from very occasional notes on the verso.

Continuing on from the previous volume (MMM/2/3/1/1) the contents of each of the lectures are as follows: (52) inflammatory fever, (53) irregular progress of extreme of fever, (54)treatment of irregular fever, (55) intermittent & remittent fevers, (56) manner of treatment in intermittent fevers, (57) manner of employing Peruvian bark, (58) employing bark in case of regular intermittent fevers, (59) topical inflammations, (60) inflammation of interior parts, (61) inflammation of the eye, (62) remedies for inflammation of the eye, (63) angina, (64) treatment of angina, (65) inflammation of the thoracic viscera, (66) pure thoracic inflammations, (67) natural cure of inflammation of the thoracic viscera by expectoration, (68) treatment of pleurisy, (69) causes of inflammation of the pleura, (70) inflammation of the intestinal canal, (71) symptoms of inflammation of the intestines, (72) inflammation of the liver, (73) inflammation of the membranes of the interior parts, (74) inflammation of the womb, (75) inflammation of the mucous membrane, (76) catarrh [common cold], (77) manner of treatment in catarrh, (78) erysipelatous sore throat, (79) distinguishing erysipelatous sore throat from angina & catarrh, (80) inflammation of the mucous membrane of the intestinal canal, (81) cholera morbus, (82) manner of treatment of dysenteric purging, (83) cure of dysenteric purging, (84) eruptive fevers, (85) smallpox, (86) treatment of smallpox, (87) manner of treatment of smallpox, (88) measles, (89) rheumatism, (90) rheumatic fever.