Intended Publications

Scope and Content

The two volumes are manuscripts handwritten by Hull of an Epitome of the Nosologia Methodica created by François Boissier de Sauvages de Lacroix (1706-1767) which he was proposing to publish in two volumes in octavo at a cost of 18 shillings to subscribers upon delivery. Hull points out that the work is regularly referred to in works by others writing on the same subject therefore making a newly published epitome of great relevance and use to many practitioners. It is not clear if Hull's proposed epitome was ever actually published and it is possible that he did not receive enough subscribers following his initial appeal to make the project viable.

In his proposal Hull explains how the epitome will be laid out consisting of a considerably abridged prolegomena, unabridged synoptical tables, very much abridged theory and introduction prefixed to each class, generic characters with synonyms etc., specific characters with synonyms and references, observations relating to causes, prognosis and cure will generally be omitted, a view of the etiological and anatomical methods formed by Sauvages will be given, and finally a complete index of the generic and specific names with synonyms will be added.