Shorthand Lectures on the Practice of Physic

Scope and Content

The first 108 folios are numbered 261-268, the writing is on the recto of each page only and is set out in two columns on each page. The notes are all written in shorthand, using the Byrom system, with some words in longhand. As the manuscript does not have a title it is these longhand words that have helped to identify the content as Fordyce's Lectures on the Practice of Physic. The content appears to correspond to lectures 75-103 of the course found in longhand in two other manuscripts, MMM/2/3/1/2 & MMM/2/3/1/3. The beginning of each new lecture is usually marked by the abbreviation 'lec' but there is no attempt to number, date, or title any of the lectures.

Folios 109-356 are blank.