Lectures on Chronic Diseases Part 2

Scope and Content

Each new lecture is clearly numbered but they are not individually dated, there is no pagination, and the writing is on the recto of each page only apart from very occasional notes on the verso.

Continuing on from the previous volume (MMM/2/3/1/3) the contents of the lectures are as follows: (21) appearances in cases where the passage of bile into the duodenum is obstructed and a quantity of it passes into the blood & its manner of treatment, (22) putrefaction of the fluids arising in any case except fever, (23) sea scurvy & diseases which arise in pregnancy, (24) diseases which happen in generation & pregnancy, & in women immediately after child birth & those diseases which are peculiar to infants, (25) by what means & appearances the foetus is destroyed during impregnation, and various cases of abortion, (26) management of women during pregnancy so as to avoid abortion, (27) circumstances necessary for rearing the young of the human species, (28) pure air in the management of children, (29) teeth, (30) ability of medical practitioner to judge upon the moment and act as the occasion offers to him, (31) what is to be done when we come to the bedside of the patient, (32) effect of poisons-evacuants & sedatives, (33) concentrated acids & caustic alkalis.

Folios 215-294 are blank.