New Zealand

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- correspondence concerning the sending of literature

- correspondence concerning venereal diseases legislation in New Zealand and campaign to prevent compulsory notification and treatment of venereal diseases

- typescript report on compulsory treatment of venereal diseases (Switzerland) by Dr Chable (with letter dated 12 Nov 1922)

- manuscript report on 'venereal diseases in New Zealand' 1922

- typescript list of laws relating to prostitution, solicitation (1908-1917)

- copy of letter printed in 'New Zealand Times' Feb 1918 on venereal disease spread among soldiers


- 'An Act for the better prevention of contagious diseases' 1869 (for copy consult The Women's Library printed collections catalogue ref 345.02534 NEW)

- 'Crimes' 1908 no 32

- 'Justices of the Peace' 1908 no 91

- 'New Zealand. Police Offences 1908 no 146. An Act to consolidate certain enactments of the General Assembly relating to the suppression of various offences and in restraint of vagrancy' 1908

- 'War Regulations Amendment Act 1916'

- various pages from 'The White Ribbon' on clauses of the War Regulations Bill affecting women (1916), and the Social Hygiene Bill (1917-1924)

- 'New Zealand Parliamentary debates Third Session 1917', Wellington, 1917

- 'New Zealand. Social Hygiene. An Act to make provision for preventing the spread of venereal diseases....' 1917

- 'An Act to make provision of preventing the spread of venereal diseases and for effecting the cure of persons suffering from any such disease' Oct 1917 and First and Second bills

- 'Offenders Probation Act 1920. (Report on operation of) for the year 1924-1925'

- 'Social Hygiene Society Women's Branch. Fifth Annual Report' 1921-1922

- 'The White Ribbon' vol 26, no 301 'Under which flag - God or Mammon' concerning labour in Fiji

- 'The control of venereal diseases' The New Zealand Journal of Health and Hospitals vol 4, no 5, May 1921

- 'Latest authoritative statements against compulsory measures in the treatment of venereal disease' by Anna Stout (c 1922)

- 'Venereal disease in New Zealand. Report of the Committee of the board of Health Appointed by the Honourable Minister of Health' (manuscript notes)

- 'The Venereal Diseases Regulations' (1941)

- 'Report of the Special Commission on moral delinquency in children and adolescents' (1954)

- New Zealand News, 19 Aug 1970

Press cuttings:

- 'Fighting the plague' from 'Morning Post' dated 27 Dec 1923

- 'Prevention of disease. Notification by symbol in New Zealand' from 'Morning Post' dated 27 Dec 1923

- 'Moral conduct of the young. Proposals in New Zealand report' from 'The Times' dated 22 Sep 1954

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