Scope and Content

Consists of:

- letters about sending literature

- letters with information about segregated areas in Canadian towns

- manuscript 'Some collected information as regards operation of VD Acts in Canada' by Douglas White (1922)

- letters concerning the effects of the Venereal Disease Prevention Act with statistics showing reduction of syphilis in Toronto

- list of laws relating to prostitution and solicitation, age of consent, marriage etc (1908-1921)


- 'The Equal Moral Standard in the British Empire with a summary of the laws in the Overseas Dominions concerning public morals' (1925) and 'Laws relating to illegitimate parents and their children' (1920) by EM Turner (printed in 'The Shield')

- 'Bill. No 40. An Act for the prevention of venereal disease', 1918

- page from 'Woman's Century' comment on amendments to criminal code begin rejected by Canadian Senate Jan 1920

- 'Bill. An Act for the protection of the children of unmarried parents' Toronto, 1921

- 'Bill. An Act respecting legitimation of children by the subsequent intermarriage of their parents' Toronto 1921

- 'Bill. An Act respecting the adoption of children' Toronto 1921

- 'Bill. 138 An Act to amend the Criminal code' Ottawa, 1921

- 'By-laws of the Superior Board of Health of the Province of Quebec relating to municipalities (as amended up to 1 Jul 1921)

- 'Bill. no 90. An Act respecting the maintenance of deserted wives and children' 1922

- pamphlet 'Regulations of Department of Health Ontario respecting Venereal Diseases' 1922

- 'Children's Protection Act with amendments to Jul 1922'

- 'Survey of Social Hygiene' by Rev Archbold in 'Bulletin of the Council for Social Service of the Church of England in Canada', no 65, Nov 1923 (manuscript notes)

- 'An Act to amend the Criminal Code with respect to publication of evidence in marriage to divorce proceedings' Jun 1923

- 'An Act to amend the Penitentiaries Act' May 1924

- 'An Act to amend the Opium and Narcotic Drug Act 1923', Jun 1925

- 'Thirty-first report of Superintendent of neglected and dependent children of Ontario for the year 1924', Toronto, 1925

- pamphlet 'Venereal Diseases Prevention Act RSO 1927 Chapter 264', Toronto, 1931

- pamphlet 'Venereal disease survey in Toronto' by CP Fenwick, reprinted from the Canadian Public Health Journal Mar 1930

- pamphlet 'Venereal disease survey in Canada' by CP Fenwick, reprinted from the Canadian Public Health Journal Feb 1934

- 'Report on venereal disease control in Greater Winnipeg' Council of Social Agencies Health Division Sep 1943

Press cutting:

- 'Six months for woman' publication unidentified

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