Scope and Content

Consists of:

- letters of enquiry concerning prostitution and treatment of venereal diseases

- letters concerning new Anti-prostitution law

- extract from 'Manchester Guardian' on white slavery in Japan 27 Dec 1956

- letters concerning Lady Garrett's fact-finding visit to Japan

- notes of discussion meeting at Ministry of Justice Tokyo on 29 Mar 1957 on Mr Hagato's book 'Prevention of prostitution and rehabilitation of prostitutes in Japan'

- notes of meeting with Mr Ohta at Ministry of Education on 1 Apr 1957

- notes on discussion with Mr Muro, Ministry of Health and Welfare on 1 Apr 1957

- draft notes of meeting with Mrs Moriyama, Ministry of Labour, and mrs Takahashi, Women's and Minor's Bureau on 1 Apr 1957

- notes on discussion between Lady Garrett, Miss Yamamuro, Salvation Army, Miss Suda, and Miss Fujita on 2 Apr 1957

- typescript 'Report on Japan's new law for the prevention of prostitution' by Miss DOG Peto

- typescript 'Notes on prostitution in Japan'


- 'The social evil in Japan and allied subjects ...', by UG Murphy, 2nd edition , 1904

- 'Statistical materials relating to Japanese women', Japanese Government, 1951

- 'Japanese women in the post war years', Japanese Government, 1955

- 'Prevention of prostitution and rehabilitation of prostitutes in Japan, Japanese Ministry of Justice', 1956

- 'Japan through women', vol 8, no 38, WCTU 1956

- 'Japanese Women', nos 2 and 3, 1958

- 'The administration of the Anti-Prostitution law in Japan (supplement), Japanese Government' , 1960

For following publications consult The Women's Library printed collections catalogue:

- 'The European movement for the abolition of state regulation of vice', 1912 (ref 349.4052534 EUR)

Press cuttings:

- 'Japan Jottings. The Crusade against licensed vice' from 'South China Morning Post' dated 8 Jun 1926

- 'Japan's slaves. The campaign against vice. The General Strike' dated 25 Oct 1926

- 'Street-walkers move on Japanese reform changes only the pitch' dated 31 May 1959

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