Mui Tsai in Hong Kong and Malaya 2

Scope and Content

Mui Tsai (Indian child marriage)

Consists of:

- typescript 'Mui Tsai system'

- typescript 'Mui Tsai report Note by Miss Picton-Turbervill'

- typescript 'Comments on the report of the Mui Tsai Commission' by CA Willis

- typescript 'The child in a stranger's home' by George Maxwell

- typescript 'Mui Tsai' by CS Wilkinson

- typescript 'Some observations on the report of the Mui Tsai Commission' by George Maxwell

- typescript 'Mui Tsai report. Memorandum for the Imperial Committee British Social Hygiene Council'

- manuscript notes on mui tsai

- resolutions and typescript of evidence of buying and selling children in Malaya presented at conference at the House of Commons on 6 May 1937

- correspondence relating to deputation to Mr Ormsby Gore

- majority of correspondence dates to 1937. Main correspondents Sir George Maxwell, Miss E Picton-Turbervill, Commander and Mrs CBL Haslewood, Mrs GH Forster, Sir John Harris (Anti-Slavery and Aborigines Protection Society)


- 'Mui-Tsai in Hong Kong, Report of the committee appointed by His Excellency the Governor Sir William Peel', Cmd 5121, London: HMSO 1936

- galley proof 'Mui Tsai in Hong Kong and Malaya'

- galley proof 'Mui Tsai commission report'

- 'Mui Tsai in Hong Kong and Malaya. Report of the Commission' London HMSO, 1937 (consult The Women's Library printed collections catalogue for copy ref 349.512505254 MUI)

- 'Comments of the report of the Mui Tsai Commission' by Lt Commdr and Mrs HL Haslewood

- 'Comments, and Further Comments, Lt Comdr and Mrs HL Haslewood', reprinted from 'Straits Times' Aug 1937

- 'Sir George Maxwell on Mui Tsai policy. Full survey by ex-Malayan administrator', reprinted from 'Straits Times' Aug 1937

- 'Notes on report of Mui Tsai Commission' by Miss E Picton-Turbervill, 1937

- 'Mui Tsai (child servitude) question' National Council for Equal Citizenship, Jun 1937

- 'Buying and selling children in a British Colony' by Lt Commdr Haslewood from 'Headway' May 1937

- 'Mui Tsai', 'The Catholic Citizen' Apr 1937

- 'Girl slaves in Singapore' pages from 'International Women's News' Feb 1949

Press cuttings on the mui tsai problem

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