Scope and Content

Consists of:

- manuscript 'Appendix A translation into English of the Three Danish Laws'

- manuscript 'Appendix B Translations into English of various statements by M Minod' concerning New Danish Law

- manuscript 'Appendix C Extracts from various sources' concerning New Danish Law (French)

- correspondence (Henri Minod, Henry J Wilson, James Stuart) and statements concerning the Danish Law of 1906 on whether it was abolitionist or not, with paper on application of the law by H Minod on 30 Mar 1906

- copy of memorandum by Helen Wilson on the Lugano conference of the International Abolitionist Federation Sep 1907

- notes on the subject of a conversation with Maurice Gregory at Lugano on 22 Sep 1907 by H Minod (English and French)

- correspondence and reports on examination of women (visite forcee) under Danish Law 1907 including document by Henri Minod 'La Loi Danoise et la Federation' Section IV

- typescript article on Danish legislation against prostitution by Henri Minod (1907) (French) with notes in English

- typecript 'New Danish Law regarding prostitution' prepared for the British Committee on 29 Nov 1907

- manuscript notes on New Danish Law and application to Germany

- typescript of Minod's account of the discussion on the New Danish Law at the meeting of the Commission Administrative held at Berne on 10 Jan 1908

- typescript of speech delivered by H Minod at a 'Colloquium' of the leaders of the Federation held at Carrow Abbey on 17 Apr 1908 with appendix of translation of Josephine Butler's 'protest' at Geneva Congress in 1877 (typescript and manuscript)

- typescript 'Some notes on compulsory measures for the treatment of venereal disease' and 'Notes on moral legislation in Denmark'

- papers on proposed new statute for the Federation 1926-1927

- carbon copy of articles from Penal Code dated 15 Apr 1930 for Denmark

- original envelope used to hold papers of the visite forcee discussion and Minod's history fo the relation of the Federation to the question (other manuscript notes on envelope)


- 'Meddelelser. Udgivet af Vagten mod offentlig Prostitution' 1906

- 'Societe Francaise de Prophylaxie sanitaire et morale' Bulletin Mensuil 1907

- 'Federation Abolitionniste Internationale, Conference de Lugano, Theses' Geneva, 1907 (in French and Italian)

- 'Die Strafbarfeit der Vernichtung des teimenden Lebens vom Standpuntte des Mediziners' by Dr med Ugnes Bluhm-Berln, Dresden 1909

- 'The Shield' vol 5, no 1, Feb-Mar 1926 with article on Jubilee Celebrations of the Federation (consult The Women's Library printed collections periodicals for copy)

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