South Africa,1839

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includes letters from:

Edward Williams, Hankey - spinning and knitting, wants to start weaving; annual report

Peter Wright and Isaac Hughes, Griquatown [Griekwastad] - copy of joint letter; annual report

Theophilus Atkinson, Philippolis

Frederick Gottlob Kayser, Knapps Hope - illustrations of work done; requests medicine chest

Christopher Sass, Theopolis

Richard Birt, Kat River - visited site of proposed settlemennt at Botman's Kraal

James Read, Kat River - station report and paper on life and death of John Burns, African teacher; boers fighting and killing Zulus; new work with African teachers; Africans working among Kambukis and 'bushmen'; his journey thither

John Brownlee, Williams Town [King William's Town] - quarterly district meeting; appointment of African assistants

John Philip, Cape Town - sending David Johns to Britain with 6 Malagasy; hopes for return of Stockenstrom or may be war; notes of conversation with Robert Moffat; William Elliott going to Johanna Island [Nzwani/Nzwane (Anjouan)] to help Malagasy there; memorial to governor requesting poor relief during measles epidemic; correspondence with William Shaw (Wesleyan missionaries); statement of Cape Town congregations and schools as reported to governor's at his request; report of auxiliary missionary society

Peter Wright, Griquatown

John Locke, Grahamstown - 2 churches, one European, 1 African in LMS charge; ministers of other denominations coming

Jane Philip, Cape Town - half-yearly accounts; death of Bastiaan Tromp; description of journey through the stations; schoolhouses accounts

Henry Helm, Caledon - details of work; epidemic of measles; annual report

William Elliott, Paarl - plague of measles; projected journey to Comoro Islands; enclosed drawing of schoolhouse; Madacascar persecution continuing; copy of John Philip's letter to Admiral Elliott [Commander-in-Chief, Bengal Squadron]; visited Mauritius, unable to reach Comoros

William Robertson, Swellendam

Colonel John Bell, colonial office - reply on behalf of governor hoping to help medically not financially

Adam Robson, Port Elizabeth - measles epidemic; liberation of slaves brought more to town; annual report

Isaac Hughes, Griquatown - journal of visiting outstations

James Read (junior), Kat River - Kat River settlements may be given up

George Barker, Paarl - report for year

Henry Calderwood, Kat River and Blinkwater

John Messer, Uitenhage - annual report

Henry Schmelen, Komaggas - report of station; drought keeps people scattered

James Kitchingman, Bethelsdorp - annual report

James Cameron, Cape Town

Gottlob Schreiner, Philippolis - building larger schoolhouse; temperance society; itinerating; annual report

Richard Birt, Caffraria - delays finding suitable place to settle; working with African assistant Finthlala and Frederick Kayser's eldest son to translate

Holloway Helmore, Grahamstown - going to Mathibe's town

joint annual report by Thomas Hood and William Anderson, Pacaltsdorp

Arie Vos, Tulbagh (in Dutch) - annual report and schedule

Albert Van Lingen, Graaff-Reinet - annual report

John Munro, Grahamstown - annual report

Thomas Merrington, Theopolis - annual report

John Melvill, Dysals Kraal - annual report

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Detailed lists for incoming correspondence from Southern Africa, 1797-1899 (lists E6 & E7), are available for consultation in the Special Collections Reading Room, SOAS Library. Includes detailed precis of letters up to 1866.

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