South Africa,1842

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includes letters from:

John Philip, Philipton, Graaff-Reinet and Cape Town - extracts from letters to Jane Philips recounting his journeys; his judgement (with James Read) of charges against chief Waterboer; letter to Lieutenant Governor [Lt-Colonel Hare], Eastern Province, suggesting treaty with Mohesh [Moshoeshoe I ]; letter to Cape governor [Sir George Thomas Napier]; sending copies of papers re Basuto to Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton, copy of letter to him; letters from several missionaries on LMS directors' resolutions re allowances

George Barker, Paarl

joint letters from John Philip and Jane Philip, Cape Town

Edward Williams, Hankey

Richard Birt, Umxelo [Botman's Kraal] - infant school started; benefits of girls boarding school

John Pears, Somerset - death of Dorothy Evans [widow of John Evans]

Robert Hart, senior, Somerset - Mrs Dorothy Evans' bequest to LMS, with legal opinion

James Read (junior), Kat River - his marriage to Ann Barker (daughter of George Barker)

William Passmore, Port Elizabeth

Jane Philip, Cape Town

T Standen, Grahamstown - requesting ordination of Nicholas Smit

joint letter from John Philip and James Read - reasons Holloway Helmore did not succeed at Likathlong/Lekatlong

Henry Calderwood, Cape Town and Caledon (Zurbraak) - his journey to Xhosa territory

Adam Kok III, Colesberg

joint letter from John Philip and Theophilus Atkinson, Colesberg

Eugene Casalis, Thaba mission [Thaba Nehu/Thaba Nchu]

Evan der Schulke, Cape Town

John Messer, Uitenhage and Wellfound [Welgevonden] - left Uitenhage following Mrs Messer's death

Gottlob Schreiner, Bethany, Thaba Nehu [Thana Nchu] and Beersheba

Theophilus Atkinson, Colesberg [Northern Cape]

Frederick Gottlob Kayser, Knapps Hope

William Elliott, Uitenhage

copy of letter of Moshoeshoe I to lieutenant governor [Lt-Colonel Hare], signed for him by Eugene Casalis and accompanied by joint letter from Eugene Casalis, Thomas Arbousset, F Daumas and S Rolland

joint letter by James Cameron, J F Pocock and James Collard, Cape Town requesting LMS to find a minister for Union Chapel, Cape Town

secretary to Cape governor, Cape Town

John Brownlee, Williams Town [King William's Town]

Christopher Sass, Theopolis

James Cameron, Cape Town - suggests Colonial Missionary Society might help with finding minister for Union Chapel

James Read, Philipton, Kat River - boers disturbing country, ordered missions to leave stations, taking possession

John Locke, Grahamstown

Reports from the following on their respective stations:-

George Barker, Paarl

William Anderson, Pacaltsdorp

Henry Schmelen, Komaggas

Peter Wright and Isaac Hughes, Griquatown

Theophilus Atkinson, Colesberg

Holloway Helmore, Borigelong

Henry Helm, Caledon

John Munro, Cradock

Richard Birt, Umxelo [Botman's Kraal]

Frederick Gottlob Kayser, Knapps Hope

John Melvill, Dysan's Kraal

William Passmore, Port Elizabeth

Albert Van Lingen, Graaff-Reinet

M Vogelgezang, Cape Town

James Kitchingman, Bethelsdorp

Arie Vos, Tulbagh (in Dutch)

James Read, Philipton, Kat River

William Philip, Hankey

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Detailed lists for incoming correspondence from Southern Africa, 1797-1899 (lists E6 & E7), are available for consultation in the Special Collections Reading Room, SOAS Library. Includes detailed precis of letters up to 1866.

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