Scope and Content

This section contains deeds both about the Bletchingdon estate as a whole, and about individual parts of it which were leased or mortgaged.

The earliest deeds on the Manors show them still in the possession of the Poure (or Power) family. Early in the 17th century, the manors were sold to the Lenthall family, who soon afterwards sold them to Thomas Coghill. The property stayed with the Coghills until 1716, when the Manor proper was sold to Arthur Annesley (III). Appendix II provides a brief account of the Coghill family, and Appendix III is a pedigree of the members of the family with Bletchingdon connections.

During the 17th century, some parts of the estate were sold off or given away, either to younger members of the family of the Lord of the Manor, or to other parties. In such cases, the deed or deeds recording the sale may be found here, with a cross-reference to the section which will contain later deeds about this portion of the estate (many of these portions were later bought back by the Annesleys). Deeds on these properties may be found at 2D-9D below.

A fuller history of the ownership of the Manor of Bletchingdon may be found in Vol. VI of the Victoria County History of Oxfordshire, pp.58-61.