Scope and Content

The first property bought in Oxfordshire by the Annesleys was the Manor house of Bletchingdon by Arthur (I), Earl of Anglesey in 1664. From then onwards, the family bought much property in Bletchingdon, Hampton Poyle and Hampton Gay (see E6/3-5 above). From the 19th century, property was gradually sold off, until the remains of the estate were sold in 1947.

This section contains all documents concerning the Annesleys' Oxfordshire property after it came under their ownership. It is arranged as follows:

1D: Papers explicitly about the Manor of Bletchingdon and Bletchingdon Park. 2D-25D: Papers relating to individual properties in Oxfordshire. Most relate to their final sale by the family, and the sequence ends in 25D, with the sale of what was left of the whole estate in 1947.

C: Correspondence on Oxfordshire estates.

F1-F4: Financial papers on the same.

H: Enclosure Act for Hampton Poyle.

M-Y: Maps and plans of the Oxfordshire estates.

Other documents relating to the Oxfordshire estates, in particular letters, rentals, surveys and accounts, may be found at E6/2 above. See too E6/1/3L, 7L-9L, 18L, 20L-21L and 33L, for family settlements which mention many properties in Oxfordshire.