Scope and Content

Although there is nothing explicit in

the deeds which survive for the

Huntingdonshire properties, it is clear

enough from other documents that it was

Arthur Annesley (VIII) (1711-1786) who

bought them all in the mid-18th century

(in a manner reminiscent of his nephew

Francis (VIII)'s systematic creation of

the Northamptonshire estate), and then

bequeathed them to his great-nephew

Arthur Annesley (X).

The lands were sold in 1807 by Arthur

(X), but the family held onto the

advowson of Sawtrey St. Andrew and

Sawtrey All Saints until well into the

20th century.

It should be noted that there are three

parishes at Sawtrey, namely Sawtrey All

Saints (also called Sawtrey Moynes),

Sawtrey St. Andrew (also called Sawtrey

Beaumes or Beames) and Sawtrey Judith

(also called Sawtrey Jewett). It is not

always clear in the following documents

which parish is meant. The villages

are now more commonly spelt Sawtry.

In this section, 1D-15W all concerning

individual properties, and 16D-17D

concerning their history under the

Annesleys' ownership.

For two rentals on the properties, see