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Material relating to Antsihanaka (some transcripts) including: Diary, 1872; Statement by J. Pearse, 9 Dec 1875; Letter from Lillie Wesley to Mr Briggs, 22 Jan 1876; Agreement re land at Ambatondrazaka for mission station, 1885; 'Tantara ny Sihanaka' by Bernard Rabododo, IDC vol Jul 1882-Jul 1894; Letters from Mackay and Stribling, 1890; Agreement for site of mission station in Imerimandroso, 1890; Copy of 'To Antsihanaka and Back: being notes of a journey' by James Sibree, 1874; extract of 'Le Pays Sihanaka ou cercle d'Ambatondrazaka' from an unknown publication; appeal [reprinted from Madagascar News, 13 Jun 1891] for hospital at Antsihanaka and plan; 'A mission tour in North Antsihanaka' from Chronicle, Feb 1895; 'The Antsihanaka Mission' from Chronicle, Apr 1895; extract from Journal Officiel de Madagascar et Dependences, Sep 1896; typescript letters by D. D. Green and Pearse to LMS; District committee reports, letters and notes re claims of losses.

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