British Diplomatic Missions to Madagascar

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Information relating to members of the first mission in 1861: F. A. Marindin [given to General A. H. Marindin] Correspondence with relations, 1946-1969; 2 b+w photographs; letter from Marindin, 1862; galley proofs of 'Diplomatic Mission' Commercial Gazette, Mauritius, Sep 1861 [probably by Marindin] E. Mellish photocopied report from Times, 26 Dec 1862 Col. W. A. Middleton [from Marindin papers] Correspondence by Middleton, 1861; 2 b+w photographs; correspondence, 1949. Information relating to members of the second mission in 1862: Maj. Gen Archibald E. H. Anson Correspondence including letters from a relative, Arthur W. Montgomery, 1945-1972, and a manuscript English-Malagasy vocabulary by Anson found in 1953. Sir William Eardley-Wilmot 2 b+w photographs General Montague Cholmely Johnstone Correspondence with relatives, 1946-1950; 2 b+w photographs S. P. Oliver Correspondence with relatives, 1945; 3 b+w photographs J. C. Wadling Information dated 1952-1953 P. A. Weihe Information dated 1958-1972 Other diplomats: General W. Rooke photographs and correspondence from his daughter, 1951 Charles James Meller Correspondence, including with the Royal Botanic Gardens, 1946-1969 Dr. S. Roch Letter, 1949-1951 and 2 b+w photographs .

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