Scope and Content

Banner, double sided, yellow and cream damask silk (?) and cotton (?) ground red dyed satin weave cotton (?), the words 'HOLY', 'TRINITY', 'CLAPHAM' painted directly onto ground (?) in gold with black outline lining, design: the words 'BEAR YE ONE ANOTHERS BURDENS' and '1875' and 'GFS' embroidered in raised satin stitch, outlined with red laid thread and gold coloured couched stitches, letters 'GFS' enclosed in band of gold wrapped metal thread couched with yellow silk (?) and outlined in white thread, all edges trimmed with red silk (?) cord, cord extended in each upper corner and hangs on either side of banner, tassel attached to each end, lower edge trimmed with fringe alternating blocks of cream and red silk (?), cream and brown cord stitched to mid point on lining, seven loops of the same cord that trims the edge of the banner (see trimming) hanging mechanism.