Scope and Content

Banner, pieced panels of cream and blue dyed plain weave linen (?) ground, bluish grey mercerised cotton (?) satin weave lining, design: 'GFS ST. NEOTS BRANCH' appliquéd to upper horizontal border, central panel single lily stem laid against a bible, appliquéd scroll positioned across lily stem reads: 'BEAR.YE. ONE.ANOTHER'S. BURDENS.'

Executed in a variety of materials in cream, yellow and purple dyed linen, green and cream satin, edges outlined with laid and couched silk (?) threads (dark brown and orange), design details embroidered with stem and satin stitch in cream and greens scroll inscription worked in raised satin stitch, linen panels of linen edged with narrow red woven braid with small circular design, lower edge trimmed with a fringe with cream alternating bands of grey and cream silk (?) six tabs of the same braid used to border panels (see 'design') hanging mechanism.