Banner - HALIFAX

Scope and Content

Banner and pole, pieced panels of blue silk (?) rep weave, vertical borders of yellow silk (?) rep weave ground, blue synthetic(?) lining, three pieces stitched together, a woven name tape inscribed 'G.J. FRENCH, BOLTEN' is stitched to upper right corner of lining, design: inlaid painted panel depicting Jesus; painted panel (probably oil based) bordered with appliquéd panel of yellow silk (?) rep weave inscribed with 'JESUS THE GOOD SHEPHERD HAVE MERCY UPON US', scrolls of yellow and red silk rep weave embroidered with the words 'Friendly Girls Society' and 'Halifax Branch', there is a pencil inscription 'No 1' located between 'Halifax' and 'Branch', all letters worked in blue and red silk laid and couched thread, lower edge trimmed with alternate bands of blue and cream silk (?) fringe

pole sleeve lined with undyed plain weave linen (?) pole sleeve very narrow - hanging mechanism.