Black and white photographs, illustrations and negatives of missionaries (mostly LMS) including: Mr and Mrs. Hartley; Rev. and Mrs George Andrew Shaw; Mr and Mrs. Charles Henry Matthey; Walter Huckett; W. C. Pickersgill; Charles Thomas Price; Mary Ann Price; Rev. Neville Jones; Rev. Alfred Green; L. Maurice Williams; J. Richardson; Mrs Thomas Rowlands?; Julie Deriaz; Mr and Mrs. Thomas Trotter Matthews; Charles Frederick Moss; Anne Eliza Rees; Rebecca Riordan and John Riordan; Mr and Mrs. Moulgdon; Frederick W. Dennis; T. Eluboh; Rev. D. M. Rees; Helena Thorne and James Cross Thorne; Ysabel DuCommun; Charles Collins; Jeremiah Piell; T. Brockway; Edwin Legg; Rev and Mrs H. W. Grainge; Robert Toy; Mrs William Edward Cousins.

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