Black and white photographs and duplicates of mission groups collected by P. J. Evans (LMS) Imerina including: London Missionary Society, c. 1890; Milledge and Sibrees, c. 1910; John Richardson Wedding, 21 Aug 1911; W. E. Gregory wedding (FFMA - Friends Foreign Mission Association), c. 1907; William Evans marriage to P. Joyce Hall (LMS), 1916; FFMA missionaries; LMS Deputation, 1920; Centenary, 1920 missionaries from London Missionary Society, FFMA, Society for Propagation of the Gospel (SPG), MPF and deputations; Paul Minault School, 1925; John Thomas Jones wedding (LMS), 1927; FFMA Deputation, c. 1923; G. K. Raws wedding (LMS), c. 1935; FSC including J. and Mrs Fisher, Mrs Currie, E. H. Leu and Edith Gregory, n.d.; LMS Synod Committee, 1956, in deputation Mrs Bowers and B. Spaull; Intermissionary conferences 1913, c. 1926, 4th 24-31 Aug 1933, 5th 10-16 Aug 1938, 6th 3-9 Aug 1948, 1953.

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