Black and white photographs and illustrations mostly of Imerimandroso Committee at Antsihanaka, 1962; Imerimandroso College, 24 Nov 1922; Miss Mary Lochhead; Patients at Imerimandroso Hospital (LMS); Staff at Imerimandroso Hospital, Jun 1924; Hospital at Mianinarivo, Aug 1956; College, 1964; Church meeting at Ambatondrazaka, Oct 1918; Opening hospital at Imerimandroso, 1924; Vollaro; Women's meeting, Ambatondrazaka, 1920; body-turning, Vohitsoa, Nov 1927; tomb-sculpture; Marafotsy region, 1949; Ambatosoa; Lac Alaotra; Ambatondrazaka, ?1920, 1923; Andromba, Sihanaka group; Dr Charles Frederick Moss and Miss Mary Lochhead, Imerimandroso Hospital.

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