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From Henry Stormont at the house of Reverend John Langley at Wallingford in Berkshire to Mary Tooth in Madeley. Reference is made to Stormont being considered for an appointment at Wallingford Grammar School, with the support of the ‘chairman and gentlemen of the [Wallingford] corporation.’

He has received the greatest kindness from Mr Langley and his family and are quite insistent that he is welcome to remain as their guest for several days until his lodgings are ready.

They had an excellent sermon last Sunday evening. Mr Langley certainly strives to do good and his good wife is an excellent partner. The countryside around here is also delightful and Stormont seems to ‘find favour in the eyes of the people’. He misses his children, but prays that the Lord will make this also an instrument of good for his soul.

Stormont hopes that Tooth is feeling better than when he last saw her and that she will favour him with a few lines.

Reference is also made to Mr Bartlett and Selina.

[Annotated by Tooth – ‘Answered March 10th 1842’ ]