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From Caroline Stormont in Worcester to Mary Tooth. As Mr J[ohn] Stormont is returning home, Caroline will avail herself of the opportunity to send this letter with him to explain the hasty manner in which she left Ironbridge. She was rather hurt by what she considered to be the rude reception that she had there on the last evening that she saw Tooth and several things that were said also grieved her. This determined her to return home, especially as her nerves were in a fragile state. She feels better now although her lungs are still quite weak.

Henry Stormont has made great efforts to a find a position, but it is not easy. Caroline has now parted company with Miss Worledge and looks after the school on her own, but it is straightforward as all the children are old enough to take care of themselves.

There is an excellent man in the circuit who has done much good and doubtless will be the instrument of more benefit still. Caroline is pleased with her own spiritual progress. Spiritual matters are discussed in detail.

When Tooth should next visit for about a fortnight, she might like to stay a night at Bridgnorth and another at Kidderminster and visit some of the female classes at Worcester. Should Caroline come for a few days at Christmas?

Henry sends his regards 28 Oct 1834

[Annotated by Tooth – ‘. I have just heard that this truly pious daughter of affliction died a fortnight ago. My friend is gone to her eternal rest, safe lodged in the Redeemer’s breast’]