The Inheritance and later Settlement of Sir George Booth (1622-84), 1st Baron Delamer

Scope and Content

In 1637 Sir George Booth (1566-1652) and others were granted the wardship of his grandson George Booth (1622-84), son of William Booth (d 1636) (EGR1/8/5/2). Sir George, and other trustees of William Booth's estate, conveyed the estate to George Booth in 1645, having discharged William's debts, subject to payment of two annuities and a portion (/3). George Booth made provision for his daughters' portions by conveyance of several properties to trustees to raise portions in 1649 (/4). In 1671 he settled his Lancashire and Cheshire estates by lease and release (/6), the settlement being revoked 4 years later (/7).


From the evidence of the eighteenth-century Abstract of Deeds (see Subfonds description above), EGR1/8/5/1 originally belonged in bundle M2, /2-4 in bundle M, /5 in bundle N and /6-7 in bundle K. All the items were subsequently brought together to constitute bundle 204.