Settlements of Sir George Booth (1566-1652) (II)

Scope and Content

William Booth pre-deceased his father Sir George Booth in 1636, leaving behind considerable debts. He had previously made provision for paying off his liabilities, by conveying Warrington and Stayley to trustees to discharge his debts and raise portions for his children (EGR1/8/3/1). This measure proved inadequate, and Sir George Booth later granted the profits from Warrington to trustees to discharge the debt (/7). Sir George was granted the wardship of his grandson and heir apparent George Booth (1622-84) (/4), and in 1639 made a settlement upon George's marriage to Katherine daughter of Theophilus Clinton Earl of Lincoln (/6). Katherine died in 1643, and in 1647/8 Sir George created a second marriage settlement to accompany his grandson's union with Elizabeth Grey (/10). In 1648 Sir George Booth made provision for his eldest daughter Vere's portion (/12), and in the following year paid portions to his younger daughters (/14).


All items constituted original bundle 170/M, except item EGR1/8/3/3, which was found loose in 1989 and is not recorded in the eighteenth-century Abstract of Deeds (see Subfonds description above).