Marriage of William Booth, Conditional Surrenders etc.

Scope and Content

In 1610 William Booth (d 1636), son of Sir George Booth, married Vere Egerton (EGR1/8/4/2-3) [see also EGR1/8/2/11-18]. In 1619/20 Dame Elizabeth Egerton, mother of Vere, quitclaimed all her interest under the marriage settlement (/4). Following the death of Sir George Booth (1566-1652), George Booth (1622-84) reached agreement with his uncle and aunts over his grandfather's estate (/8). There are 3 conditional surrenders by tenants (/1, /6 & /9); the surrender of 1605 facilitated a settlement by fine, while the surrender by tenants of the barony of Dunham and of Thornton le Moors in 1653 probably anticipated a settlement by recovery.


Items EGR1/8/4/1-10 constituted original bundle 173/S.