Copy of Letter

Scope and Content

From Anne Dutton in Great Gransden to [William Seward]. She wanted to take this opportunity of writing, although as it happens, she does not have much time to do so. Seward entered into a correspondence with her in the hope that it might benefit his soul and indeed, Dutton knows that the Lord can do wonders via the weakest worm. She will be happy if God does use her as an instrument to strengthen Seward’s faith.

Separate from God, Dutton can achieve nothing and there is no good in her. Seward should therefore not look to her, but to Jesus who in the depths of his love descended into death itself. He then ascended to heaven to save mankind 'by the power of his life'. Spiritual matters are further discussed in detail, with particular regard to God’s saving grace.

If Seward feels that he has a hard heart, it is only because God has given him a soft one, for otherwise he would have no sensation of hardness. He should therefore be of good comfort. Spiritual matters are further discussed in detail.

In a postscript, she expressed her gratitude for Seward and [George] Whitefield looking for her poulterer and she was sorry that they were unable to find him [see DDSe 35].

6 verses of a hymn entitled The Enjoyment of Christ are transcribed, the first line of which is Far from my thoughts, vain world be gone.