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From William Seward in Bristol to his cousin [William Seward?]. He was grateful for the kind letter. 'I think to send a copy of my namesake’s Roger Seward to Badsey by the cross post; if you wrote to me at Bath by last post and sent me an account of what money Mr Martin had received and paid for me, I will get you to repeat it by the return of the post hither.'

'I see you do not think much of your pains to serve your friends and that is a Christian temper, O my dear cousin, I love you so that I would have you as an altogether thorough Christian. You will find such joy in it as passes all understanding...renounce your own will and follow Christ’s will... you will then find true happiness....' Spiritual matters are further discussed in detail.

William must first of all count the cost of being called fool, madman and enthusiast and have all manner of lies spoken about him. If he can bear that burden, he will be happy indeed.

His love should be passed to his correspondent’s dear wife.