Copy of Letter

Scope and Content

From SW in Gloucester to [William Seward]. SW rejoices with Seward in the Lord for the success of her dear friend’s ministry. Spiritual matters are discussed.

May the Lord be praised for his great goodness to so many in this place. SW took a poor young woman into her house who was so affected by her dear friend’s ministry that she was unable to sleep by night or day. 'When I have a gown for her, I hope she will attend the service of the church and be as she ought to be.' Molly Matthews has suffered great trials but thanks be to God, she has now found comfort. As for SW, she is at this time very ill and unhappy, but nevertheless relies upon 'that promise, God will with the temptation make a way to escape.'

Spiritual matters are discussed in detail, with particular regard to the value of Seward’s work for God.

On the 'note of hand you left me, you forgot to insert where Mr Martin liveth, so that nobody will take it. I have sent in a letter, if you will be pleased to alter it and send it in a letter...I am not able to write to dear Mr Whitefield at this time but hope I shall next week...'

Seward should tell SW’s dear Brother [John] Symms that she will respond to his letter soon. SW’s friend Madam Lysons is very near her end.