The Kindness of Women (Autograph Manuscript): Chapters 13-15

Scope and Content

Chapters 13-15, entitled, ordered and numbered by the author as follows:

Chapter 13 (without title): 503-29, 530A insert (on the verso of 529), 530, 531A insert (on the verso of 530), 531-2, 533A insert (on the verso of 532), 533, 534A insert (on the verso of 533), 534-42.

Chapter 14 (without title): 543-50, 551A insert (on the verso of 550), 551-69, 569A, 570-8, 579A insert (on the verso of 578), 579-80.

NB On the versos of 543 and 544, in typescript and carbon typescript, is a very brief extract of 'Princess Margaret's Face Lift' from The Atrocity Exhibition (expanded and annotated edition, 1990). On the versos of 563 and 564 is the typed fragment: 'pathways through which Christine'. And on the versos of 577 and 578, is the typed fragment: 'creatures whose jewe'

Chapter 15 ('The Final Programme'): 581-7, [no sheet 588], 589-602, 603A insert (on the verso of 602), 603-8, 609A insert (on the verso of 608), 609-13, 613A, [613A1, 613A2], 613B, [no sheet 614], 615-18.

NB On the versos of 610-12, in typescript and carbon typescript, the first sentence of 'The Secret History of World War 3' (War Fever, 1990, p. 23).

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