'Echoes From The City Of The Sun'

Scope and Content

This series contains autograph manuscript and typescript poems and songs, assembled for a possible second edition of 'Echoes From The City Of The Sun' (Essex House Press, 1905). The original arrangement of the items within folders has been retained with slight alteration, as have the folder names. The items are currently grouped as follows:

1. Autograph manuscript covering notes

2. Folder 1, marked 'That Other England' containing typescript poems:

'To Rupert Brooke, on first reading his Great Lover', Nov.1915; 'Whither' ('A Prayer for England'), 1915 [two copies]; 'In the Cotswolds' ('A Prayer for England'), 1915; 'When the men come back from the war' ('A Prayer for England'), 1917 [two copies]; 'Oh England could you but believe...' ('A Prayer for England'), 1917; 'Men cry 'What should we do?'...' ('A Prayer for England'), 1918; 'America' ('A Prayer for England'), 1917-18; 'A Longing for England in a Lament for the Tribal God', 1916-20.

3. Folder 2, marked 'To The Beloved' containing autograph manuscript and typescript poems, all undated, including:

'Any lover to any beloved', [rough draft]; 'Any lover to any beloved' [final version]; 'The Talisman'; 'The Urging Sea'; 'The Uranian Venus'; 'A Cluster of Camphire from the Vineyards of Engedi'; 'The Secret'; 'The C.R. Ashbeeftsman's prayer as he shapes a gift for his beloved'; and 'Fiddler Gossip and the Doubter'.

4. Folder 3, marked 'What Else Of Wisdom', containing autograph manuscript poems, all undated, including:

extracts from ancient Greek, Arab and Eastern verses; 'No less'; 'Keep going towards the star'; 'Death and the Child'; and 'Bluebells in Knole'.

5. Folder 5, marked 'Unclassified or ?Trivia', containing autograph manuscript and typescript poems and songs (undated unless otherwise noted), including:

1 autograph letter, signed from Hamilton T. Smith to C.R. Ashbee enclosing autograph manuscript copy of 'Ode to the American Bath Room', read by Smith in C.R. Ashbee's place, and an autograph manuscript copy of his introductory speech, 2 Mar. 1933; 'An Ode to the American Bath Room'; 'A mere apostrophe to the Spirit of Hustle'; 'Helen's Commission', Mar. 1928; 'The Urging Sea'; 'The Talisman'; 'The Driver', 1933 [two copies]; 'To John Grant 'The Great Remainder Man' '; and 'Chinese Idyll'.

6. Pages from 'Echoes From The City Of The Sun' (Essex House Press, 1905) with interleaved autograph manuscript and typescript poems and songs, with notes. The interleaved poems and songs include the following (undated unless otherwise noted):

'Dedication'; 'If I should give thee gold...' [rough draft]; 'If I should give thee gold...', [final version]; 'Susani, Susani', Jun. 1916; 'The Morris at Campden or Denis Fiddle'; 'Over the Trails'; and 'Campden Wold or Hey for Cotsal'. Three other items possibly belong to this series: 'The Song of the Little Grievances'; 'Byking out o'fashion or My Old Friend Jack'; and 'Merriandrew'.